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05-09-2013, 10:04 AM
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Originally Posted by Buggie View Post
i gave you two incidents in the last month...and at no time did i say anything about one being more hostile than another....again attack with out actually seeing what was said

omg halifax has so many murders...everyone in Halifax must be murderers!!!!!!...can't believe people would take their kids to such an unsafe
People are arguing for the sake of it. Baie-Comeau has had a reputation for this stuff for years! Halifax has never had such a reputation. It's so gross that you are equating Halifax with every other city in the Q. Do you also think when Ted Nolan came to Halifax he was susceptible to the racist treatment he got in Chicoutimi? Different places have different cultures. You mustn't have traveled a lot in your life if you think all places are the same. Reputations are earned and both B-C and Halifax have earned their reputation in the last 15 and 19 years respectively. Only on HFBoards would people actually suggest that Halifax and Baie-Comeau are culturally identical. By your "logic" it would be as likely for Panthers fans to riot as it would be for Habs fans to riot.

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