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05-09-2013, 10:28 AM
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Originally Posted by neksys View Post
I don't understand this persistent view that the Canucks brought this on themselves - that their history of diving, embellishing and whining has caught up with them.

It should not matter. These are referees in one of the "big 4" North American leagues. They are supposed to be the very best and most professional at their jobs.

Their only job is to referee individual games with impartiality and professionalism - they should not be looking at the logo on the front or the name on the back. Anything less is bush league.
But then you realize that the NHL is actually a bush league and is not like the NFL.

So given that, you need to realize that you need to play the game politically and that doesn't just mean lobbying, it means being the guys that get lobbied to (like Jeremy Jacobs).

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