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Originally Posted by Johnny Canucker View Post
Sutherland made an absolutely horrid call, but thats all it was.

Do people actually believe tht there is a conspiracy theory against us, where all the officals talk (perhaps in a whatsapp chat group) about making non calls and bad penalty calls ??? I can guarentee you these conversations dont happen. He is just a terrible official, thats all.

Nhl referees if anything would WANT us to win that game and force more playoff games as they get oaid approx 5k per playoff game that they ref. also with the amount if eyes on them, making a purposeful bad call would ensure they wont get more playoff games thus potentially taking an additional 20-40k out of their pocket.

No official hates us enough to take 40k out of their pockets
You really don't believe that people get together and make plans with their co-workers and discuss issues and gameplans?

In the Canadian Business article I posted ( which had an interview with Sutherland it actually states:

"How do officials prepare for the fights and hits that might take place?

...If Iím working a game where something happened on the ice, and at the time there was no retaliation, but I see that one of my comrades has those two teams coming up again, Iíll shoot him an e-mail or drop him a phone call. Itís a fresh start each game, but youíve got to have the intel going in. Youíve got to let it happen, but at least youíre aware of it, and youíre prepared to react immediately."

Officials take a lot of abuse. How do you keep your head in the game?
"...We have our people and our intel. Weíll talk to each other. Thatís how you get the truth."

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