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Originally Posted by Codith View Post
Jesus will you stop with the butthurtness already, christ.
Nothing in relation to "butthurtness".

He made a comment that there was a probable correlation between "hooliganism" and importance of the club to it's town.

If Baie-Comeau is "hooligan", then it's club is important.
If Haliax aren't "hooligan", then it's club isn't important.

Also, if you follow junior hockey, you should know that every club who reached the top will go back to the bottom of the league pretty soon. It's called a "reconstruction cycle".

So go play elsewhere.

I can give you the "touché" bro (Domhnall) Can't argue with the facts, can I?

But also, it's easier to sell tickets with 450k people in town, than 28k. Don't forget that There are only two people working at Drakkar's to sell tickets to people... I guess there is more in Halifax?

In any way, the Cup will be back in Maritimes this year.
As soon as friday, unfortunately for BAC fans!

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