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Originally Posted by Domhnall Dubh View Post
I'm certainly not implying that people in B-C don't love their Drakkar but it was really stupid of you to insinuate that Halifax doesn't support the Mooseheads.
Didn't say that.

What I meant is, there is lot more people in Halifax that doesn't care about the Mooseheads than people in Baie-Comeau doesn't care about Drakkar.

That is just because of the city size. I mean, it's 450k (maybe more!) in Halifax, versus 28k for BC.

Let's just think about it for a full-crowded arena.

3 042 represent about 10% of BAC Pop.
10 000 represent about 2.2% of HFX Pop.

Clubs in small town are much more "loved" in general, than in big cities. it's a fact, and it's pretty normal. The same applies to Quebec City.

I hope you understand what I mean. English isn't my mother tongue.

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