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05-09-2013, 11:28 AM
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Originally Posted by Bobblehead View Post
Woh! Now we're talking death! We're still learning about the effects of multiple concussions and how they impact people 10, 20 or 30 years down the road. I take it you've personnally interviewed and medically assessed the 1000s of hockey players you've coached, played with and scouted?

There's no Little Johnny Hockey because there wasn't this awareness around concussion 15 years ago! They weren't diagnosed or understood like they are today (and today they're not well understood either). Post-concussion symptoms range from dizziness to memory loss to headaches (and more).... losing the ability to speak is not a symptom.

You think you're the only guy on here that's been around hockey for decades? You think none of the cuys on the Hockey AB panel have been around hockey for decades? You don't think the Mayo clinic has any hockey background?

Rick Martin had one diagnosed concussion and autopsy on his brain showed degenrative brain disease. Talk to Wayne Primeau and Eric Lindros and Brett Lindros about it.

There's an example for all you teach it younger. Lindros played in ON where checking was allowed in PeeWee and he's one of the worst for having his head down.

You are talking about adults. They suffered these concussions when they played as adults. They also knew the consequences of playing with a head injury and continued to do so.

There isn't a state of emergency in pewee hockey of kids getting concussed left and right because it doesn't happen to them.

It is knee jerk reaction. The simple answer is if you or your kid doesn't want to play a contact sport then go do something else.

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