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09-24-2006, 07:08 PM
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Originally Posted by Habs4ever View Post
right now montreal has the most depth at forward position but if we don't use our assets right then there is very good chance of losing future stars for next to nothing!!

I say we really need to make a long term transaction and maybe even accept trading young prospects or players for immediate help to boost more talent into our defence.

At the time kovalev, hossa trade looked very bad but it hasn't given us much trouble so why not try trading more youngsters, I will happily accept trade that sees Ryder, Ribeiro, Bonk going to other teams to improve our defence, that way we also don't have to worry about losing perezhogin to waiver wire...

BG already lost hainsey, and considering the lack of defensive depth and so many players going to UFA status next year its going to hurt badly, it was devastating losing such a talented prospect for nothig even if you are not hainsey fan....

Just look at Leafs, they trade almost every top prospect they got in the system but they still endup perfortming eqaully in prospect development, hard to admit but steen, wellwood, stajan from last year are equally good as higgins, plekanec, perezhogin only difference being we keep our prospects too long and lose them just because we got too much depth, so in the end both leafs and habs end up icing same amount of rookies even if habs got to top pick at better draft position and got more cracks at top prospects...

Most of our defencemen in souray, Komisarek, rivet, markov started out as sixth defencemen but they progressed in depth and responsibilities with time, while that is surely true for those four I just don't ever see Cube, Dendenault, streit getting any better, so why keep depth player just for the sake of it.. I say lets acquire talent that can potentially take on more responsibilities in the future with experience, we are screwed big time if Markov, souray ask for big raises come next july...

Now accordingly habs have way too many prospects on forward position and fans are becoming less patient with prospects,
Trading Ribs and Bonk won't help you upgrading that much the D. Ryder well the most uneffective 30-goal scorer do something we have no idea if anybody else in that team does that.....scoring goals....

As far as prospects are concerned, sure Steen, Stajan, Wellwood and now Tlusty are good players and then you may have White, Bell, Earl, Williams and Pogge. But we do have great talent as well and being able to have that many good prospects while picking mostly after the Leafs means that we're not so bad.

And it's not by trading Rask for Raycroft that you build a winner.....Leafs had the chance to have 2 great potentiel #1 and send 1 of those for a ?, that's not so great.

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