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05-09-2013, 11:48 AM
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Originally Posted by Bobblehead View Post
Like I said. I wish they had looked at other options. Checking in PeeWee or no checking in PeeWee, based on the data and research I pick no checking every time.

A viable third or fourth option I would be interested in hearing about it. I don't think leaving the choice up to the parents or kids is right either (contact vs non contact). Many kids would be pushed or influenced by the same attitudes expressed here. Let's just look after the best interest of the majority. I think they could've done something to help the transition when they do bring in contact.

My oldest is in Novice and we have wingnuts who are convinced their kid will make the show. I'm an advocate for kids having fun, learning life & hockey skills and getting physical activity. We're training a bunch of future doctors, lawyers, teachers, firemen, roughnecks and bus drivers to be beer league hockey players. That's what the vast majority of these kids will become. The glory of Canada's hockey supremacy... I don't give a crap as long as the kids are having fun.
Yeah, & you had the option of little Johnny playing in a no hit league.
But of course in the nanny state, we should all be told what we have to do.

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