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05-09-2013, 12:11 PM
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Originally Posted by DrinkFightFlyers View Post
I don't think so. Bob had a good year his rookie season, but it wasn't an earth-shattering performance. He also played completely terrible in his playoff performance. Yes, the Flyers could have went with Bob, but there is risk in that, the risk being that Bob fizzles out. They went with Bryz, a former Vezina nominee. There was also risk in that, but that risk was far less. Again, with hindsight the less riskier thing turned out to come to fruition.

I'm not entirely sure why you would say going with an unproven goalie over a former Vezina nominee is a better move (without hindsight). It is not like Bobrovsky was a former #1 pick that the Flyers had invested a lot into or that for years people were saying he was going to be something great. He was a guy who came out of nowhere and played well, then **** the bed in the playoffs. You really think a better move is to hope and pray that the unproven goalie turns into something special and let the former Vezina nominee go somewhere else? You would have had no problem with the scenario if the story was flipped (Bob fizzles in Philly, Bryz gets a Vezina nod somewhere else)?
Agh. So I have to rehash a debate from 2 years ago?

1) Bob showed amazing potential. As a young goalie, it's reasonable to expect that he would improve and develop, which is something that young players with amazing potential often do. The playoffs weren't a big deal because he was a rookie. Lots of rookies struggle, especially when such and insane amount of pressure is thrown on them all at once, like they did with Bob. He was/is young as well, so he had/has plenty of time to figure things out. Anybody who freaked out about those POs was overreacting, it's not like the guy is Fleury/Bryz age, where continued playoff meltdowns is an extremely alarming trait. Hell, even Fleury has a bit of time to figure that part of his game out.
2) It was obvious at the time that Bryzgalov would be expensive. Bob wouldn't be. So with Bryz, we would have less depth on the team than we would have with Bob/Vet.
3) Bryz was near the peak of his prime, we'd be signing him for a couple prime years and then keeping him into the usual decline years for the average player. That's not attractive. Bob still had his prime years ahead of him.

Those were the arguments I made at the time. That was without hindsight, that was just using what was known at the time. The only thing incorrect there is the assumption that we'd get some good years out of Bryz before declining, since apparently we're gonna get nothing but decline.

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