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05-09-2013, 01:31 PM
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Originally Posted by LatvianTwist View Post
Just think about it. Why would Dallas bother scouting MacKinnon or Barkov if we didn't have plans on moving up? That'd be wasted time and effort when the whole hockey world knows they won't be there at 10.
gs_35's point applies, as do a few others..

1) What if the team with pick #3 or #4 calls wanting to trade down, with a very reasonable offer? "uhh... sorry, we didn't scout these guys so uhh..."

2) Teams don't just scout for this year's draft. They probably put rankings on players as soon as they come in to juniors.

3) Player rankings swing in the season leading up to the draft. A guy that started at #3 might have a bad year or injury.. If you said "he's #3, and we should be a playoff team, so we won't scout him.." and by the end of the year, your team ends up with pick #17 and he "falls" to the 12-18 range.. You better have him scouted..

4) Scouts watch more than one player during games. Sure, maybe they want to check up on players that project to be in their drafting range, but they also watch players "ranked" higher and lower, and for future years' drafts at the same time..

Last thing.. Don't give too much weight to media rankings. We judge teams for 'reaching' and 'stealing' based on where they picked a guy vs. where the media had him ranked. But honestly, that's silly. If the media is the end-all-be-all judge of talent, then teams should just fold up their scouting departments and just take the next guy on McKenzie's (or whoever's) best available list.

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