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05-09-2013, 12:43 PM
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Originally Posted by Slats432 View Post
Believe it or not, I am more speaking as a coach. My son is 11. Had his first year of Peewee. Loves to hit and is very disappointed that he won't be able to next year. He will be in hockey academy and would like to see how far he can take his hockey. I don't have a problem with my son hitting, or being hit. He wants to be an elite player.

I have seen a ton of bad hits on players that have zero chance of being anything but a recreational player. I saw a bunch of concussions this year. For a good majority of players, the body checking has zero benefit to the game or their amount of fun.
I still havent had any reasonable or (any) answers to my question.

1. Why not have the choice to put your kid into either a contact or a non contact league?

2. If hitting causes brain injuries, why have hitting at ANY age level, including adults?

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