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05-09-2013, 12:46 PM
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EDIT - I'm picking this out from your post as an example. The rest of what you say in that post - though I don't necessarily agree with it, at least makes some legitimate points.

Originally Posted by Blueshirt Believer View Post
I am happy(for the players)that were able to come back in this series. But, lets face it, the Caps are not a very good team.
The Caps had an abysmal start, which is why their point total was mediocre at the end of the season. In the last 40 games, the only teams better than them were the Penguins and the Blackhawks. They have been the 3rd best team in the entire NHL in that time.

Not saying the Caps don't have significant flaws (agree with you, their defense is not the best) - but jesus... some of you seem like you just can't ****ing be satisfied when things go well for the Rangers. You don't even have to be optimistic - just stop going out of your way to to grasp at straws and try to rationalize why anything this team does is bad. Its really getting old.

Do we really have to devalue every accomplishment of this team/coach? The series isn't even over yet, and because the Rangers won a couple suddenly the tune among a few people is changing from "the Caps are hot, the Rangers will be stomped" to "the Caps blow, Rangers still suck, na na na na na don't care that they won, means nothing". Is it really that hard to cheer for this team and just be happy that they are winning?

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