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Originally Posted by tjcurrie View Post
Back when I was 14 I met Bob Gainey.

He was coaching Minnesota who was in town that weekend to play the Oilers and being a huge fan of the Stars, I got the crazy idea to call hotels in the city to see where they were staying so I could maybe head down and meet them.

After several failed attempts, I called the Westin and sure enough...

"Are the Minnesota North Stars there?"

"Can you give me a name?"

"Mike Modano"

"Yes would you like me to put you through to his room?"

*Panic mode "No thanks!" *Click

I called back and asked for Bob Gainey. She said he wasn't in right now but asked if I'd like to leave my name and number. So I did.

5 minutes later.....

My brother handed me the phone, "It's Bob Gainey!"

Asked me if he knew me, I said, "No I'm just a fan." We chatted for 5 minutes or so. I told him that yes I'm going to the game the next night, talked about the team, myself, etc.

So we got off the phone and that was I thought.

He called back the next day looking for me but I was out. He was seeing if I wanted to actually come to the hotel to meet the team. He told my dad to bring me down to the bench before the game.

We headed down during warm ups and chatted for a bit. He told us to come down after the game too. So we did. He took us down just outside the dressing room and stood with us chatting the whole time. I met all the players and got autographs as they left the dressing room to get on to the bus. Even got my Modano jersey that my dad bought me signed. Of course I still have it.

The next year (1st year as the Dallas Stars) a buddy and I went to the game and headed down for warm ups. Mr.Gainey sees me and says, "Hi Travis! I see you still have your Stars jacket." I couldnt believe he remembered my name. He bought Modano over to sign my Beckett magazine he was on the cover of.

Bob Gainey is the classiest hockey guy you could ever hope to meet. Such a shame he's suffered so much tragedy the last few years.
LOL this is hilarious, and a great idea. I tried to track down the Avs once when they were in Dallas. I knew what hotel they were at, but alas it had very tight security. I think doing what you did in today's world might land you on the fbi list.

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