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Originally Posted by Billybaroo View Post
Be honest here. Just so I can get off this thread. You would have no problem with banning contact in sports like lacrosse, football rugby, at a young age, correct?
Do they suffer concussions in volumes that impact the childs long term health?

I've no idea. I'm no Lacrosse expert.

If I had to guess there's probably more in hockey. It's faster, the boards and ice I would think cause the majority of the concussions? perhaps the shoulder pad contact to the head. I don't believe there's such contact in those sports.

That's actually one thing I'd like to know about minor hockey. Equipment specifications. Armored shoulder pads may save some bruises but are they a principle cause of concussions in minor hockey? I've no doubt they share a good part of the responsibility in the NHL. My kids are just starting their hockey careers so I can't say for the peewees and bantams.

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