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Originally Posted by Billybaroo View Post
Well, no. From a philosphical point of view? You must not agree with hitting in those sports. Cause injuries happen.And why not put your kids in a no hit league? I just dont understand why you wouldnt have done that, if you are so concerned about the risk
"Well, no?" .... not sure what you're saying or what part of the post you're responding to?

Why I wouldn't do what? Put them in non-contact hockey? They're in Timbits and Novice. It is non-contact. When they're older? Because he's not going to want play non-contact. But just cause he doesn't want to doesn't mean he gets his way. Just like he doesn't want to do homework, doesn't want to go to bed, doesn't want to do chores, doesn't want to stop playing video games. Sometimes its not up to the individual, especially when its about health, safety and well being.

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