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Originally Posted by Holden Caulfield View Post
It's too bad the Jets did not seriously consider other options when hiring a head coach (they went through the motions, but it seems to me that Noel was getting the job no matter what ), since Darryl Sutter would have been a fantastic head coach for this team. He preaches hard forecheck, strong defensive play, keeps ALL players accountable and is quite good at integrating rookies into the lineup. That's the guy we should have hired.

Yea Holden I think it would have been tough for a rookie NHL GM to come in on June 8th and insert "his guy" in right away. Knowing TNSE are loyal to a fault I think although Chevy had a say this one might have been a bit political and given the time crunch and massive change Chevy might have gone for the in house solution given the time crunch and possibly limited options? I know that Chevy makes the hockey calls now and has full control but that transition was probably somewhat clunky.

"IF" Noel doesn't work out the next guy will be all Chevy's.

At the end of the day Chevy's legacy with the Jets will probably be one of two very good business books. "The Peter Principle" where the central theme is everyone is promoted to their level of incompetence or Top Grading (amazing book) which shows that when hiring new people (given a body of work) past performance is a very strong indicator of future performance. I tend to think it will be the latter but that is how I am hard wired.

Chevy was the assistant coach on the Utah Grizzlies as a 25 year old and in his first season under Butch Goring they won the Turner cup. Chevy became the GM of Chicago Wolves as a 27 year old and they won 2 Turner cups in 4 years until the IHL folded into the NHL and Chevy then won 2 Calder cups over the next 7 years in the AHL. There is a banner hanging in the rafters where the Wolves play and it says “Kevin Cheveldayoff, General Manager, Four-time league Champion”. Then he went to the Hawks as an assistant GM and they won the cup in his first year there. So Chevy has had a chance to lift the trophy 6 times in three different leagues working in three different rolls….sometimes the primary architect of the teams, other times a support player. Nobody can dispute he knows what a championship team feels like at every level. He is still only 43 and feeling his way into the NHL as “the man” and if we landed the right guy he easily has 25 years left in the tank (guys like Bryan Murray and Dudley are in their 60’s). I am a big believer in Top Grading and have seen it be proved out over and over again in our company. Most GM’s assemble talent……I think only the elite ones are at the next level up and understand how to construct winning teams that are greater than the sum of their parts. That is where the rubber hits the road and I think you look to someone who has done it 6 times and say that just doesn't happen but chance. When I listened to Chevy talk at the Chamber of commerce lunch he had a crystal clear vision of what he wants the team to be like to achieve enduring success…….he did warn that “it’s not NHL13 though and it will take time in the world of the cap controlled modern NHL"

The good news for guys like me that think we got the hire right is that Chipman will give Kevin all the time he needs.

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