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05-09-2013, 01:42 PM
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Originally Posted by Slats432 View Post
Well, every parent has this choice. I wouldn't choose to put my son in a non contact league. If I was considering it, I would look at the quality of development (I would like to think that the development of players skills,(Cardio, hand eye, muscle) and personal skills(Competition, teamwork) and feel that it would have to be positive for my child/athlete. Then determine what is acceptable risk.
So why not afford people the choice?

As far as hitting at any age, I can only speak to my present knowledge and will omit bantam and midget.(I don't have any data, or experiential knowledge.)
I dont think we need a "study" to tell us that concussions and/or "brain injuries" are happening at later stages of hockey development. Not a difficult question really, but one people dont seem to want to address. Why expose anyone to brain injury?

As an adult, there isn't a league that has contact other than those who get paid to play. If you are getting paid, you know your risks.
There are lots of adult leagues (unpaid) that have full contact. Senior AAA and AA for example. Im pretty sure some beer leagues have contact as well. And really, what does getting paid have to do with it? We are talking about a persons health, regardless of age. Isnt that something that should be a priority?

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