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Originally Posted by doublechili View Post
Re: fair weather Isles' fans, I left LI 27 years ago and I seriously thought about buying a single ticket to game 3 or 4 and driving up from outside Philly (family, son's lacrosse game, work, etc. made me get "practical"). Would I have been "fair weather"?

I was motivated partly by winning, but it's more than that. This isn't 2001 or 2007. I finally am seeing a team on the uptick that has players that do the team's history proud. It's JT, Hamonic, Martin, Cizikas and guys like that that have me excited about the team after a LONG period of disgraces to the uniform (even in the rare cases when they were winning).

Remember the very end of "Field of Dreams", when they have the long shot of the field and then pan away and you see headlights lined up for miles heading to the field? That's what the last 2 games have been. It's a lot of diehards coming back (or coming out of their shells and being enthusiastic) because they finally have a team they can root for unabashedly.

You should all enjoy the Isles for their remaining time at NVMC, because it is probably the end of an era not just on LI but in all of hockey (even all of pro sports). I was watching the games thinking it looked a lot like the 70s and 80s, with people there simply because they really wanted to be there to root for their team. No comp tickets or any of that. Just lunatics rooting for their team. That's pretty rare anymore, and things will likely be different at Barclay's. But someday all these underpaid kids are going to want bigger contracts, so comp tickets are a reality that must be faced.

Anyway, at some point I have to get to one game and sit in 122-B-1 before the team leaves. Because I don't care who's been sitting there since the early 80s, that's my ****ing seat.
As you live around Philly and conceivably can't make the games because of your location, I wouldn't call you fairweather. Winning may have motivated you to take the extra measure to get yourself here to see the success you've been witnessing from a far for the last month, but it's just not practical for you to come to the games at NVMC that often. But, I believe you have posted in the past about seeing the Isles play in Philly. If that's the case, then you've been doing more than a lot of people back here have done for years.

And I must admit, the tailgaiting attraction at NVMC will be missed. It is a fun time and it's a shame that will be lost. On the other hand, there are plenty of bars around Barclays for pre-gaming, so that will have to do.

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