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Originally Posted by OlTimeHockey View Post
The team has turned me off from spending one dime on Cholly. Not one red cent goes to him. Period. Even if they win. I will make a game at NVMC using stub hub or some other already-gave-***hole-my-money-so-here-is-a-ticket site.

Property taxes are heinous. Cost of living horrid. Economy stinks to high hell on LI. one wants to see cap evasion at the cost of $200 plus for a night out.

but now we're playing VERY strong....and people are chancing spending their hard earned money to see it. This after the Pickett, Gang of Four, Maloney, Muller, Milstein, Gluckstern, Spano, Milbury, Wanger, Snow's a real GM, honest, rushed prospects, dumpster diving, Brutal Gervaise, Tim Thomas, Yashin trade, we're never getting a first liner player, coma every summer, $20 parking sit down and shut up hockey.

And you blame Nassau and Suffolk for feelings going back to Pickett insulting and trading Patty LaFontaine? Seriously?
Originally Posted by OlTimeHockey View Post
14,442 posts right now, plus posts from when the board was changed over to the new format, plus other message boards, hundreds of arguments, bad, BAD jokes, good friends, loathesome trolls, sunshine optimists and fed up brothers in arms here.....and I have not nor will go to give Wang my money since 2002.

I'm pretty rabid a fan. I just don't subsidize the Wanger or his ideas on cap evasion. I love the fact we're winning DESPITE his antics due to some good fortune and Snow being better than expected. I LOVE our fans being the loudest SOB's and NVMC being lauded by fans and tv comments everywhere when our fanbase shows up.

I suggest we'd have seen more of this if Wang never came along. I suggest at least one fan who lost his hearing Game 4, 2002, now has lost whatever hearing he/she got back these past two games. The fans were always there for the team, they just had better things to do with their time and money because the team was not there for them.

Thank you Tavares & Co.
You know what, I'm tired of hearing from you on this topic You live across the friggin' country yet constantly ride around on your high horse going on and on about not spending money on the team in protest to Wang. How often are you even in the position to give Wang your money? It must be so bloody easy to walk around Orange County, CA like a ******* saint, feeling so righteous about not paying for entertainment that isn't accessible to you anyway.

It's fine that you don't like the owner. I don't either. Spend your money, don't spend your money, whatever. It's your to do what you want with. But stop coming across as someone who's so sanctimonious when you're not exactly in the position to spend money on the team even if you wanted to.

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