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Originally Posted by ULF_55 View Post
Leafs need 2 defenders.

Rielly-Granberg (Leafs' fans hope that the best prospects turn-out)

Take some pressure off Phaneuf, reduce his minutes keep him sharper.

One thing people tend to do is remove one player without replacing him.

If Phaneuf was not on the team they would go with this line-up:

no one - Gunnarson
Gardiner - Franson
Fraser - O'Bryne

To start with Phaneuf was acquired 2009-2010 season and if he had not been acquired I don't think Burke was so incompetent to not pursue other options.

If not Phaneuf someone else.

You can't just remove Phaneuf from the line-up and leave his $6 million a year on defense unspent without having other impacts.

For example, if he is so good and they replace him for some minor league defenseman where are the Leafs drafting? We get the same arguments with Kessel, that he's the best of Seguin, Hamilton and Knight, but if Kessel is such a positive influence on the team they aren't drafting 2nd. overall, they are drafting 1st. overall and then drafting much higher than 9th. overall.

Kind of like blaming JFj for trading Rask, and then suggesting 7 years later he is still the reason the Leafs aren't a contender.

By these arguments, the Leafs have had inept management for years, and no GM who has made a difference since 2006.

Very insulting comments about Fletcher, Burke, Nonis and the couple other x-GM's they've had under contract since JFj was fired.
What's this obsession about Phaneuf? Who cares...that's 6.5 million of poor defensive ability removed off the team. What makes him so valuable in your eyes?

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