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Originally Posted by Strummergas View Post
You know what, I'm tired of hearing from you on this topic You live across the friggin' country yet constantly ride around on your high horse going on and on about not spending money on the team in protest to Wang. How often are you even in the position to give Wang your money? It must be so bloody easy to walk around Orange County, CA like a ******* saint, feeling so righteous about not paying for entertainment that isn't accessible to you anyway.

It's fine that you don't like the owner. I don't either. Spend your money, don't spend your money, whatever. It's your to do what you want with. But stop coming across as someone who's so sanctimonious when you're not exactly in the position to spend money on the team even if you wanted to.
aww, shucks. I'm a fake fan and a bandwagoner, then.

I have no right to defend someone who would rather have spent their money on their house and kids these past two decades than subsidize cr*p on ice? I'm in LI to visit family and friends a few times a year every year and refuse to go. Better?

I don't feel righteous or like a saint. I have for YEARS preached the Detroit fan experience, have I not?

Recall: Ilitch bought the team. He looked at 3,000 fans at the Joe going to games with Yzerman and Co. after a long period of bad management and swore to not put out the same cr*p for fans.

He changed the DRW for the fans because fans stopped going.

And you can look back this past decade and my tune did not change one f*ing bit: you speak with your wallets. I think I said, "STOP GOING!" repeatedly and to no avail....and we got Comrie, Thomas, Gorton, misery.....and attendance dropped but not to FU levels I had hoped for.

When fans speak, like the Mike Must Go era, it works.

So call me sanctimonious, an a-hole, whatever.....I love the team and want better. You apparently want to keep fans in the seats, thus, whether you mean it or not, want the status quo. Sorry, if the team does not try, don't pay them to suck.

That's my whole point, a point you repeatedly get angry over, and cite my not being there to waste money 32-35 games a year as your red herring rebuttal.

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