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Originally Posted by JoeyB View Post
As a beginner player, sometimes I do this accidentally

I'm trying to skate hard and push myself, as I don't have a league team so pick up is my end all, and I don't mean to get physical but sometimes I bump someone or get my stick stuck where it doesn't belong. I always apologize and I'm getting better at preventing accidents, but they happen and sometimes I can tell the other guy is pretty jerked off. I feel bad but what can I really do besides keep practicing and try not to make the same mistake?

I'm also a beginner player, but I've had the opposite experience. The harder I try and the more I push myself, the more the other players try and give me opportunities to get the puck and the more advice they give me. I've had other players get peeved at me for missing really solid passes, but never for accidental contact.

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