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Originally Posted by I am the Liquor View Post
For those who choose to do so maybe, but for those who dont it isnt. Again, those who choose to do so need to weigh the pros and cons of their choice.

Where do you draw the line on governmental interference? I would like to think parents have more invested (and for the right reasons) in the choices than govt does.

Why not? Myself along with millions of others grew up without them. Shocking I know.

Absolutely ridiculous statement. In a free society one's health should be the domain of each individual.

The extra costs in treating injuries would be offset by the increased cardio workout due to fear of said injuries and moving quickly and often to avoid the dreaded inevitable vegetative state. This would save millions in cardiovascular disease care further on down the road.

Again, if this is a proven fact why expose ANY age group to potential brain injury? Why draw a line at any age? Just get rid of it altogether.

Why not get rid of all hitting at all age levels? Why expose anyone to potential brain injury?

Statistical data can be shaped in any number of ways to prove or disprove whatever point you would like to get across.

Your entire argument is based on Societal interference on public health.
You may not agree with it.. but accept it because it's happening and it's going to keep happening.

Your options are
1) run for office, win, dismiss all public safety laws. You can't be picky with the philosophy you've chosen. They all have to go. Bike helmets, Seat Belts.
2) try and vote some guy in who'll do the same.
3) leave.. go to a country that doesn't have them. I couldn't even tell you which ones don't.

I can handle the argument that in the end the concussion thing may be overblown. They're pretty rare and there's barely a child out there that suffers any long term effects. That may be true and if it is then perhaps this decision is erring too much on the side of caution. Some scientists/doctors are always preaching holy mother of god the end is coming. It definitely has to be taken with a grain of salt.

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