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Originally Posted by Strummergas View Post
I understand that it's to be expected that attendance numbers go down when a team isn't playing well. **** teams don't sell out every night. But the attendance has been abysmal. ABYSMAL! I know, 20 years since a playoff win, Wang, blah blah blah.

Suddenly now everyone comes out of the woodwork? Big ****ing surprise! I would wager that most of these fans don't even know who Jack Capuano is. Even if they go on a long run during this playoff season, if they don't start out well next season, watch the attendance numbers plummet. That's the way it is and always has been post-dynasty. And it's one of the reasons why they're moving to Brooklyn.
For the record, this is a topic all it's own in regards to this team. I don't want the colors, logo or name changed and while I'm glad they're moving to Brooklyn because it means the team stays local, I didn't want them to move until it became obvious that nothing was getting done one LI.
Let's be clear. The ONLY reason they're moving to Brooklyn is because Wang couldn't get an arena deal done in Nassau. Remember Wang was trying to build a new arena in Nassau and Millstein and Gluckstern bought the Isles to develop the land around the Coliseum as well.

Why would they have been trying to build an arena here if there was no one to fill it. Why wouldn't Wang have run to Ratner immediately upon groundbreaking of Barclays 4 years ago if he thought no one would see the Isles in Nassau

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