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Originally Posted by jonas2244 View Post
None of them can play C. But with Martin Plüss and Kevin Romy there are two very good players which could center this line. Romy and Brunner showed great chemistry last year.

On D there are 4 locks (Josi, Streit, Diaz, Sbisa). The rest has to fight for the other 4 players. I can see Furrer, Seger, Blindenbacher, Bezina, Vauclair, Du Bois, Weber and Von Gunten fighting for this places.

On Offence I could see:
Bärtschi - Romy - Brunner
Wick - Plüss - Nino
Bodenmann - Ambühl - Hollenstein
Moser - Trachsler - Walker
Interesting lines. I think Romy, Plüss and Trachsler are locks at center, and Plüss and Trachsler could very well have the same linemates they have in Stockholm, although it's possible Moser replaces Bieber. Romy and Brunner should play together, considering the good chemistry they had last year, and Moser is also a possibility on this line, but I like Hollenstein there. That would leave Bärtschi and Ambühl as locks for the last line, and there are several possibilities for the last forward. Cunti and Suri are making a good case for themselves right, and there is still Wick, although he had a poor tournament last season. Also, let's not forget Rüthemann, who may be in better shape mid-season.

So there's my lineup:

Brunner - Romy - Hollenstein
Moser - Plüss - Niederreiter
Wick - Ambühl - Bärtschi
Bieber - Trachsler - Walker

But I'd consider Rüthemann with Plüss, and move Moser to Bieber's spot. Cunti and Suri could replace Wick too.

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