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05-09-2013, 03:41 PM
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Originally Posted by Beef Invictus View Post
DFF, I stopped reading your post the moment you said Bob didn't show amazing potential. You lost credibility there. Either you completely missed the train, or this is revisionist history on your part.

Bob had one good season where he had essentially no formal goaltending coaching, didn't speak the same language as his Dmen, and had never played in NA. He got by on his athleticism and work ethic alone. That's the best potential you can ask for in a goalie, to throw them into the NHL and have them do well simply on raw talent and a willingness to work at it. It was amazingly obvious at the time. Lots of people saw it. Lots of people were excited about it. That's why people wanted to go the Vokoun/Develop Bob route. Hell, even after the preseason people were coming to the conclusion that Bob could very well be a starting goaltender with more experience and polish, based on his raw athletic talent. It's not like he had one good season, and afterwards people said "Hey! Potential!" It was abundantly evident the whole time.

it suks how much the Bryz signing has bit us in the ass, when u add up all the factors..

i really would loved to have seen what a Bob/Vokoun 2-year pact would have netted, ohwell..


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