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05-09-2013, 03:51 PM
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Originally Posted by Bagge View Post
I assume you are being ironic, but sense you are not.
How can this be a bad year for Denmark?
You must be new around here (I see that you are)? Let me explain to you how things work in this thread:

If a Dane did not get at least one point, he played badly.
If a Dane played well but ended as a minus or even, he played badly.
If a Dane was horrible but ended as a plus, he played well.
If a Dane got a point he played brilliantly.
If a Dane scored a goal but ended as a minus he was "okay".
If a Dane get's scratched we go to the respective team board and yell at someone.
If a Dane is one of the best defensive centers in the world and shuts down the Crosbys and the Malkins, etc. on a daily basis, but do not score many goals while he's doing it, he is "struggling". It doesn't matter if he anchors two offensively minded wingers too.

These points are not mutually exclusive. This results in some confusion sometimes. Like if a Dane scores a goal but ends as a minus two. In such a case he was good offensively but bad defensively.

TOI is completely irrelevant when judging how a Dane is doing. However, if he plays less than 15 minutes he is in the coach's doghouse. And the coach is an idiot.

Note that you don't actually have to watch the game to judge this. Game statistics is plenty.

Just remember these simple rules and you'll fit right in. Welcome aboard.

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