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I think that this >>>>>

Originally Posted by tarheelhockey View Post
Osgood gets to be the Messier of goaltenders just as soon as he wins a Hart.

edit: Looking over Osgood's numbers, I noticed something that has never jumped out at me before: after winning the Cup at age 25, he only had one season over .910, compared to four seasons below .900. This during an era when the league average hovered slightly below .910.

Also, his seasons over 60 games are outnumbered by his seasons under 50 games, 7 to 5. And it's not that is the result of playing till some extraordinary age as a backup mentor, seeing as he was splitting time with the likes of Wregget, Legace, Snow and Conklin even when Hasek didn't put him on the shelf.

I'm not an Osgood fan by any means, but even I would have guessed his numbers were a bit better than that. If he didn't have the rings and win total, it would be goofy to even suggest this guy as a HOF candidate.
pretty much answers this >>>>>

Originally Posted by eva unit zero View Post
I don't care how much of a stat wins are. A guy who goes 39-6-5 absolutely deserves to be a Vezina finalist at minimum; especially when his backup (who finished fourth in Vezina voting the prior year and would win the Smythe the following season) goes 21-7-2. Say what you want about Osgood, but at the end of the day he was a winner. It wasn't the team; he had exactly one losing season in his career, and it was literally the worst season of his career (and he was 37 at the time).

Osgood won 32 games in 2001-02 with the New York Islanders (team total 42); a team that hadn't won 32+ in total since RON HEXTALL was in net (1993-94). Osgood was traded to make room (both roster and salary) for Rick DiPietro. And the Isles managed to win 32+ games a few times (with DiPietro hitting a career high of 32, incidentally) before Ricky DP turned into Ricky DL. But this season's 20 ROW (pace for 34.17) was the first time that the team as a whole surpassed Osgood's 32 win number without the shootout, and that's only if you pro-rate it to 82 games.

So of the eighteen seasons of Islanders hockey since 1994, Osgood's 32 wins individually is a superior total to what the other 17 TEAMS accomplished. He was the team's MVP and dragged them kicking and screaming into the playoffs, where he posted a .956 sv% in the first three games (the Islanders scored 1 goal in the first 2 games, then exploded for 6 in game 3 when they decided to forego what little defense they had been playing). If the Isles had been able to score 1-2 goals per 60 minutes in those first three games, they're in round 2. Instead, the team broke down and started taking bad penalties and giving up too many good chances, while not getting enough good shots on Joseph.

Osgood won 30 games in his next healthy season - starting for St. Louis. The Blues had a -7 goal differential that season, and Osgood was in net for 31 of the team's 39 wins.

Yet it's claimed that Osgood is a "system goalie".

I'd say that's a pretty big myth. And the fact that he was able to go to a couple pretty bad teams and do very well, combined with his extended career of "simply winning" is more important than a guy like Luongo or Joseph who spent years on a bad team posting nice numbers but didn't win anything and is as much to blame as anyone for the lack of success. Osgood has tons of playoff success, and was instrumental in such. People downplay his importance, but there's a reason he was the first guy to get the Cup after Konstantinov in 1998. People downplay his 2008 and 2009 runs, but he could have had back-to-back Smythes those years and it would have been just as legit as the actual winners.

In conclusion,

Myth: Chris Osgood is an overrated product of his team. Any above-average goalie could have done what he did.

Reality: Chris Osgood was a top-notch goalie in his prime, was arguably the best goalie in the world at one point, had multiple elite playoff runs, and was a key player on a "modern dynasty". He is a) HHOF material, and b) should have a banner hanging from the Joe.

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