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Originally Posted by Beef Invictus View Post
You didn't think Bob showed amazing potential? The speed, lateral movement, athleticism in general? He had skills that you can't teach, yet lacked many of the skills that can be taught but he showed a very good ability to learn and respond to coaching. That's all pretty amazing. It's also pretty rare. How many Bob's have we seen in the NHL? How many undrafted guys with nor formal coaching make their way straight in the NHL and keep themselves afloat on athletic skill alone? It doesn't happen often. It's pretty amazing, actually.

Let me revise that: he had the potential to be our goaltending solution, and I was nowhere close to coming to that conclusion on my own. Lots of people saw that, lots of people said it, lots of people continued to say it for a while. For that reason alone, I don't understand how anybody can claim we're using hindsight, when so many of us have been saying these things all along. A lot of fans, both Flyers fans and non-Flyers fans, considered "starting goaltender" to be his floor, not his ceiling.
Ok, and that is completely fine. I agree with that 100%. Bob had the potential to be the solution and be a long-term starter. That is very different than saying he has amazing potential. I don't think I ever said Bob didn't have the potential to be the long-term starter. What I did say was that there was a risk in hoping Bob pans out. At that point in time he had 60 or so NHL games under his belt. His stats were good, not great. As I have said for the past two years, there is a risk in putting all your eggs in that basket. There was a risk in putting all your eggs in Bryz's basket as well. To me (and I would imagine many others), the risk in Bryz was less than the risk in Bob. Bryz had shown over a relatively long career that he can play at the level of a legit starting goalie. Yes, the contract was too long and a lot of those years likely would have been "decline" years. But it was a safe bet that Bryz would come in and play AT LEAST as good as Bob, if not better. That turned out to not be the case, but at the time it is hard to argue that a safer bet would have been Bob. It has hard to argue that the right move would have been hoping an guy who came out of nowhere and played well for one season would have been the better choice than a proven, former Vezina nominee.

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