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Originally Posted by orangecrush8 View Post
I'm shocked people are rating Couturier higher.

Zero offence and inconsistent defense. The amount of turnovers he had at the blue line that resulted in goals against was mind boggling.

Considering C is "what we expected", I'd give him a D

Everything else outside of Hall seems to be on point.
Couts had pretty much the same PPG as last year, playing harder minutes and was in the top 10 most own zone starts in the NHL. You can't put up a lot of points when you start in your own zone ~70% of the time. (incidently he finished in opp zone 45% of the time... one of the best increases in the NHL.) He also has a sub 45% Faceoff... which makes that zone start figure far more impressive (and players improve by 8-10% on faceoffs on average during first 5 years in NHL, so in a few years he will be +50, he was beastly on the dot in juniors.)

He also had the least consistent and worst linemates of any player on our team (look at the advanced stats)

While playing some of the hardest minutes in the WHOLE NHL (honestly... ~second among centres, matching against top lines every single night) and still having pretty good CORSI (best by a mile among players in NHL with the kind of minutes he plays.)

I would say he was consistently our best defensive forward, look at the advanced stats... the guy was vital. When he played more minutes we won at a higher %.

I honestly don't know what people were expecting! He played far harder mins than anyone who will be considered for the Selke this year... and had a positive CORSI and kept his PPG the same as last year. Statistically he is honestly one of the best 20 defensive forwards in the NHL in his 2nd season.

If he had put up over .5 PPG it would have been miraculous given the minutes he plays, no-one in the NHL who played his kind of minutes had over .35 PPG, and the guys who had more PPG than him in that bracket had far, far worse CORSI (like -10), all of the guys who play those minutes have been in the NHL for 5+ years... apart from Couts, who started the season month or so after turning 20.

I'd give him a C+ or B-, he was very impressive in my opinion considering what he was asked to do, but I do acknowledge that people expected a PPG increase.

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