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Trade Rumours and Proposals Thread Part 17: What does "bold" mean?

Last thread passed 1000

Here are some posts

Originally Posted by Toydarian View Post
Kesler is primarily a goal scorer who struggles to utilize his wingers well. Considering the Oilers have top wingers, it sounds like a bad combo.

It also doesn't help that he's such a d-bag and a diver.
Originally Posted by MetaOil1993 View Post
No thanks to Kesler, We don't need whiners/divers on this team, I doubt the Canucks would trade him here anyway.

I would love any of the other players though.
Originally Posted by Lacaar View Post
I wouldn't mind pursuing Paul Martin. Not with the 7th overall, he's just not consistent enough for that.

One of the seconds though and maybe one of our b prospects.(pretty much any prospect other than Klefbom and perhaps Marincin and the coke machines)
Originally Posted by stoff View Post
I would assume that's what it would take. I would be happy with a deal like that.

Trade market actually looks favourable this summer with a lot of teams looking to shed salary. Might be some pretty good bargains out there.
Originally Posted by The Perfect Human View Post
It's honestly weird how much his game has changed over the course of the lockout. He looks very comfortable playing the tough minutes alongside Hjalmarsson or Keith/Seabrook when he's on the ice.

And he didn't do anything special for the lockout either - he was playing on a traveling ice hockey team full of ex-pats out in Thailand. Weird huh?
Originally Posted by The Perfect Human View Post
Yes to the first 2, "meh" to the 3rd. Simmonds isn't a difference-maker the way Kes/Ryan are.
Originally Posted by The Perfect Human View Post
That's a heavy commitment on a guy arguably on the downslope of his career. Keep in mind RNH/Yak are due for extensions over the course of his contract as well.
Originally Posted by misfit View Post
If they retain some salary, I'd have interest, but not at full price. His cap hit is too high for that kind of term. At $4.6M, he's overpaid, but at $3.5M, he'd be a nice fit IMO.
Originally Posted by jmoss45 View Post
Kesler i'd do in a second if he was healthy. He's had constant injuries the last 2 years though, so I don't see how gambling 2 huge assets on him is worth it.

No chance I give that for Ryan. The last thing the oilers need is to spend their best assets on another non-physical winger.

Simmonds i'd love to add but not at the expense of 7th+MPS. We simply can't use those assets on wingers. We need a centre first, and D.

If we're dealing with Philly, I want the Schenns but that would likely cost Petry+7th+++
Originally Posted by doubledown99 View Post
Bob Stauffer said during the season that Det would love to get their hands on some of our Swedish prospects.

I know Det fans were against a Paajarvi for Smith swap. I think with the play of Dekeyser Smith maybe could become available.

Smith is LHD, puck mover so he fits our needs. He didn't breakout like some expected but he might be a worthwhile risk.

Paajarvi + Omark
B. Smith

Two other moves if like to see:

Gagner + Klefbom

7th overall + Hemsky
5th overall

Sign Gordon, Bickell,Torres, Scuderi, Tim Thomas, Hendricks, Volpatti.



Dubs & TT
Originally Posted by Tarus View Post
Kesler is a risk with all his major injuries, definitely a 2nd line center type the Oilers could use though. Don't see why Vancouver moves him.

Bobby Ryan is a UFA soon, and has made it known that he wants to play out east. Trading long term assets for short term returns becomes an issue, and i suspect the long rumored deal of Coutiurer for Ryan goes through this offseason anyways.

Wayne Simmons is a decent player, can't help but think it's an overpay for a player who's value is sky high right now though.
Originally Posted by stoff View Post
That d is alright but the forwards are horrendous.
Originally Posted by YakuBOT View Post
1st deal: Yes
2nd: No
3rd: To move up 2 spots? Eh...depends on who's available and who's not. Most likely no.

That lineup is worse than the one we have now. Throwing a bunch of grinders on the team won't make us better. Torres on the 1st and Gordon on our 2nd line? Yikes.
Originally Posted by doubledown99 View Post
I sort of agree....I sort of did it that way because if we get the 5th we can let him develop instead of rushing. In mean time we need someone so I thought some players that can fit needs would do.

Torres brings toughness and can win board battles for Nuge and Ebs. Hall and Yak are talented enough that a guy that can win faceoffs and do the dirty work can work.The 4th line is the crash and bang-energy line.
Originally Posted by The Perfect Human View Post
Ok, so that means he still hits more than:
Winnik, Perry, Palmieri, Etem, Cogliano, Staubitz, Koivu, Steckel and Bonino

I guess Cory Perry is a non-physical winger as well...
Originally Posted by The Perfect Human View Post
Torres not being able to play a consistent top-6 role is the main reason why EDM moved him in the first place.

He's established himself as an ideal 3rd liner, and yet people are trying to slot him into a top-line role again.

Boyd Gordon at 2C is arguably even dumber of an idea. The guy's been playing a bottom-6 role his entire career. He was a 3rd liner on a non-playoff PHX team and a 4th liner for WAS when they made the playoffs.

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