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Originally Posted by timekeep View Post
The way this is going there won't be hitting bantam soon.

After talking with fellow former parents of AAA and AA players, our kids are now 18+, we think that the players will be worse off now, once comes to the higher levels. The consensus was that hitting isn't necessary at all levels. Us Neanderthals, figured a better option would have been to have hitting for the top teams. Reasons for this option:
- parents would have the choice if they wanted contact or not
- have tryouts for these teams, associations would ultimately make the decision on who makes the team. And specific player's safety could be a determining factor
- all the rest we be tiered accordingly, and a level of competitiveness could be maintained
- smaller towns that would have only two teams would have to split their teams

- this isn't perfect, but just some ideas, I still think the best alternative was to try single age groups for a few seasons.
Yah that won't cut it at all. How many associations would be sued out the ass when someones kid goes down with a severe concussion.

They'll spend all their time bottle driving to pay the lawyers.

I'm not sure why people think the top teams should be allowed to be put at risk. What just so the 1% or less AA and AAA players have a better shot at the NHL?
Is there data to support better hockey players get less severe injuries?

What happens in the QMJHL? Do players from the Nova Scotia destroy the kids from Quebec when they meet in the QMJHL? Those Nova Scotia kids get to body check at peewee (for now). They must tear the Quebec kids apart going by this logic.

Do more Quebec Junior players get hurt compared to Nova Scotia players per capita? therefore justifying this theory that early introduction to body checking somehow protects them in later years.

I have a feeling they're finding out it doesn't. Sounds nice when your bs'ing around the water cooler though.

Looks like we'll get our chance to see.

Saskatchewan is of the mind set to start it earlier.

We'll find out in about 10 or so years I guess when those bodychecking Atoms show up in Junior hockey and start crushing the Alberta kids.

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