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Originally Posted by I am the Liquor View Post
I would guess that as the players get older/bigger/stronger that the head injury rates would be higher, or at the very least the same, not less.

Ive been a proponent of offering both contact and non-contact options for everyone. I see no good reason not too, as long as there are enough participants in each stream to make it viable.

Again, why are we only protecting pee wee players? If head injuries are significant enough at that level to remove hitting from their game, why not at other levels?

Do you believe the head injury guru's are going to be satisfied with removing hitting from pee wee? Im thinking they want to see it gone altogether, at all levels.
I think that as a non conspiracy theorist, that if Hockey Alberta figured that taking hitting out of peewee would impact negatively on participation, we wouldn't be having this discussion.

I don't think that the "Head injury" lobby will stop at Peewee and may try to lobby further. The association in this case likely agrees with the lobby at this level, but I do think they feel that the hitting reduces the number of participants. That may be the underlying reasoning.

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