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05-09-2013, 05:38 PM
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My grade book for the 2013-season:

Couldn't pick a letter or number, so gave them a + or - depending on whether I think they're better or worse of than last year this time.

Frans Nielsen: +

The bottom line is that the Islanders made it to the playoffs. Both the team and Frans Nielsen started off a bit slow, but with the team he rose and somewhat surprising they made the playoff.

Frans Nielsen proved himself to be a playoff-worthy 2C. That's quite something for the amount of potential he has. On the down side he didn't hit the hot streak he did last season with Grabner and the numbers does suggest a worse defensive effort(More shots against). At the same time his point per game is up so numbers can tell two stories at the same time. The truth properly lays somewhere in between.

But at the end of the day every player must be measured by the score on the score board. Frans and the Islanders came through and gave their fans playoff hockey.

Might be influenced a bit by the Islanders making one of the biggest surprises by being 2-2 against a stacked Pittsburgh Penguins.

Jannik Hansen: +/-

This one is tricky. If feel he has become more consistent offensively. Going of memory he's been juggled around in the line-up more this year. That shows. But as a player in a vacuum I think he's been better.

As well as the plus on Frans Nielsens B might be influenced by their playoff the same way Jannik Hansen has suffered from the 'Nucks playoff. Auch

Peter Regin: +

Stayed healthy. Mission accomplished. Nothing more. End of story.

Mikkel Boedker: +

I do not understand why on earth anybody would want Boedker out of the NHL. I simply cannot see it. I love watching Boedker play

The times I've seen him he's been using his speed, his defensive game is very underrated and a really coach-player(As in the kinda player the coach loves). He does all the right things, is hard to play against. He's not a world star but he's good top 6-player in the NHL.

There's a difference from team to team and the Tippett-kinda hockey is no doubt hurting his offensive numbers. But wining 1-0 counts just as much as a 6-5-win. And Boedker is not bad defensively.

My biggest knock is that the team failed to reach the playoffs. He was part of the core and the core didn't deliver when the chips were down.

Philip Larsen: -

He got worse as the season went on. He's a good player no doubt, but when it doesn't show... Gotta flunk him

The Dallas defense never found any consistency. The defensive coverage up til the trade deadline was horrible. After it still wasn't great but got better. In front of the net he got manhandled sometimes.

Offensively he made poor decisions. Lack of confidence perhaps. Philip Larsen never put up big numbers and until his season in the AHL-season he seemed to be a defense-first D-man. After putting 20ish points in both Elitserien and the AHL he suddenly went on to be not only a two-way D-man but a offensive d-man. That's not how he's best. He's a great transition player but if defense is not his main focus his size and defense becomes a liability at this level.

Last year he was cool, humble and played simple. Still thinks he has a future in the NHL but he won't survive a season more like this. But I've heard of sophomore-slumps before and I'm confident/hope that's what Philip Larsen's going through.

Oliver Lauridsen: +

Circumstances made a spot for Oliver Lauridsen in the NHL. A great experience for him. Saw him a couple of times. He needs to work on his skating and he'll get his time to do that in the AHL.

Other than that the fact that he's shown some kind of NHL-upside is a step up from where he was last summer.

Nicklas Jensen: +

What a year. His stock is up after some highlight goals in the SEL. Eventually got dumped. Didn't give a great showing in the AHL but some consistency will do him great.

Frederik Andersen: +

Made a bad choice when he left the Hurricanes IMO. But after a shaky start he's had a fantastic season in the AHL based on numbers. He's done everything required of him.

Markus Laurdisen: +

Is a NHL-contract richer than last year this time.

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