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05-09-2013, 05:45 PM
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Originally Posted by DrinkFightFlyers View Post
It seems like we are disagreeing on Bob's likelihood of reaching his potential. You seem to feel that Bob was a lock to become a long-term solution. ("But in terms of long term planning, he was; it was perfectly reasonable to assume that Bob would be as good as, or better than Bryz in 5 years.") I don't think it was perfectly reasonable to assume that. It was definitely possible. But after one season coming out of nowhere, far from reasonable to assume that. Even with this shortened season under his belt, I wouldn't call it safe to assume he will even be a long-term solution in Columbus. I mean, look just at Philadelphia over recent history (not even other teams where this is also somewhat normal). Brian Boucher came in and looked to have the same type of potential that Bob had when he came here. He fizzled. Roman Chechmanek came in and took the starting job from him, getting named to the All-Star Team and nominated for the Vezina. Certainly he had the same potential as Bob, if not higher. He fizzled. Robert Esche came in, a little older and with more experience IIRC, but he played well and still young enough where he had the potential to be the long-term solution. He fizzled. Then there was a bunch of rif-raf until Bob. Obviously that doesn't mean that Bob would have (or will) fizzle, but I don't think you can tell me it was "safe to assume" anything about what would happen based on ONE season of GOOD play.

EDIT: It seems like we just have differing philosophies on this type of thing. I liken this scenario to trading draft picks. I typically don't have a problem trading draft picks for current NHL players. IIRC you are not a fan of doing this in many situations. I have always been a "bird in the hand is worth two in the bush" type of person. With Bob you have a lot of potential, but no guarantees. With Bryz you have (had) what was thought to be a guarantee. With hindsight obviously that was not the case, but in practice, I do it every time because the bird in hand (Bryz) is worth the two in the bush (Bob).
Bob's work ethic and well-adjusted attitude gave/gives every reason to believe he will reach his potential. That's what truly made him special and set him apart from the rest of the failed goaltending herd the org has been through.

I still go with Vokoun/Bob, because of that and everything else I've stated.

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