Thread: Injury Report: Martin Havlat 5/1 [Video]
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05-09-2013, 05:51 PM
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Originally Posted by FeedingFrenzy View Post
And havlat has yet to play this post season(barely) so why not try a rookie in his place for the PO's?? If Marty is out why not????
Because there is no one that can replace him...
Originally Posted by FeedingFrenzy View Post
Then quit wasting YOUR TIME, Havlat is too injury prone to keep. IMO .
I am allowed to have an opinion, and whether you like it or not doesn't concern me really. Simple solution is to not respond..I am not the only one who thinks Havlat has underwhelmed in his time here due to injury, I just voice my opinion moreso than some others.
You are entitled to your opinion and so am I. Most on here like Havlat. He played 40 out of 48 games this year. And he is out now probably because of the Bieksa groin shot (I know he said that wasn't what hurt but he missed all the shifts after that and teams like to keep injuries a secret).

Originally Posted by FeedingFrenzy View Post
And i was talking about playing a youngster NOW while Marty is injured....Quit trying to tell me what I am thinking. Check all my other post out, I want him gone next year and someone cheaper/younger to replace him..The guy is hurt RIGHT NOW.....

Again...there are no guys that can replace Havlat.

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