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05-09-2013, 06:01 PM
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Originally Posted by thestonedkoala View Post
To be quite honest, ever since Granlund became an International Super Star and we signed Parise and Suter, this board has gone downhill and fast. Wild fans are becoming as whiny and opinionated as Leaf and Canadian fans and are even border lining some of the Oiler fans.

I've scaled back a lot of my posts simply because of trolls and whiny fans here on HF and I've been here a lot longer than what it says on my tag (over 10 years now). I haven't seen a board get this toxic since the Wild boards shuffled over to under the NHL banner.

Some of us have a disagreement with how the organization is being ran or we see things differently but people continue attack us and put up flimsy arguments. Not to mention our perception on other boards, which I find depressing that the Wild fans have gotten that bad. Wild fans are definitely living up to their name of being Canadian lite.
Do you even realize how many people put you on ignore because you had gone beyond the level of trolling? You posted non-stop for a week straight saying the same damn negative **** over and over and over and you are shocked that people finally got fed up with it?

Put up flimsy arguments? In other words if you don't agree with STK then your argument is flimsy!

Look in a mirror before you say anything about other posters and their behavior!

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