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09-24-2006, 11:27 PM
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Originally Posted by Sthabs View Post
I really like these lines TA
ps why Samsonov instead of Ryder?
Higgins and Koivu are really fast , Ryder not . Samsonov are very fast and very intelligent on the ice . It will put pressure off on Koivu , Sammy is also a playmaker who will help Koivu to have more goal . Ryder will not made Koivu to have more goal .. assist yes , but not goal . Samsonov is a hard worker , same has Higgins and Koivu . Quiet small line , but an heart missing aren't there . In Defencive level , Higgins and Koivu already play hard in they own zone and Sammy will follow for sure .

As for Latendresse-Johnson-Kovalev , with the addition of Johnson in that line , it way better in defencive and in the speed level . Johnson is a playmaker and with Tender and Kovalev , it will be a BIG , scoring line .

Kostitsyn-Plekanek-Ryder , Carbo say that Pleky will need to contribute more in offencive . Kost and Ryder are two offencive player . Plekanek is a playmaker who can score and will have some assist with Kost and Ryder and will put goal with Kost passing ability (who I think underrated) . Not a Elite line , but a very good 3rd line .

Perezhogin-Bonk-Begin , Perezhogin will add offencive upside and Bonk is a quiet good playmaker and will finally got a better goal scorer than Murray . Perezhogin will learn how to put bodychek regulary and play defencive .

Carbo say that he want 4 line who can score , in that line we have it ! And in the 4 line , it have at least 1 player who can play well defencively .

And as for Ribeiro cut / waive / trade , I really think that Carbo want it . He's really not the Carbo type of player . And I really prefer see Lats and Kost in the lineup than Ribeiro .

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