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Originally Posted by King of the ES View Post
It's easy to be annoyed by Kassian. It shouldn't take "2 - 3 years" to consistently show up, work hard, and be involved. If you're not scoring, fine. Add value elsewhere. Hit. Chirp. Intimidate. Do something!

On far too many nights, Kassian was just straight-up invisible, which is inexcusable. And you know who that reminds me very much of? Steve Bernier. Steve Bernier would often have nights where he'd score, hit, and provide a ton of energy. Be one of the best players on the ice. Then he'd disappear entirely for two weeks.

I agree it "shouldn't" but it definitely "can". Adapting and growing as a player isn't just skills development, it is also about learning to live and train like a pro, adapting to the pressures and expectations of being a million-dollar athlete. Hell, how many veterans and All-Stars perform better in contract years than in the year after signing a big contract? Being consistent is something all players struggle with, so seeing it in a 22 year old is hardly a shocker. I agree 100% he needs to get better. Hopefully he will. But saying he *won't* just because he hasn't at age 22 is staggeringly short-sighted ...

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