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Originally Posted by King of the ES View Post
It's easy to be annoyed by Kassian. It shouldn't take "2 - 3 years" to consistently show up, work hard, and be involved. If you're not scoring, fine. Add value elsewhere. Hit. Chirp. Intimidate. Do something!

On far too many nights, Kassian was just straight-up invisible, which is inexcusable. And you know who that reminds me very much of? Steve Bernier. Steve Bernier would often have nights where he'd score, hit, and provide a ton of energy. Be one of the best players on the ice. Then he'd disappear entirely for two weeks.
I agree that he may not improve and end up like Steve Bernier, but it is too early to definitively say that he's going to be like that.

The things you said above also reminds me of Bertuzzi. He was basically described as a lazy enigma with the Islanders.

Could go either way. I think his floor is higher than Bernier (Kassian is much better at fighting and intimidating than Bernier ever was), but his ceiling is lower than Bertuzzi (since Bertuzzi had outstanding skills at his best). Too premature to definitively say though since the range of comparables is exceedingly wide at age 22.

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