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09-25-2006, 06:06 AM
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Originally Posted by MikeD View Post
exactly, and any stick lift away from the play would be considered an interference as explained by our league officials. If the puck is not present there can be no attempt to play the puck and hence then ANY stick lift away from the play is an interference NOT a legal check regardless of the length of time. Can you not see that the two are not reconcilable?

So a hook is legal if it doesn't slow a player? nope...
a stick placed between a players legs that only requires the player to jump over but doesn't slow him is legal...nope.

again, these are biased interpretations with stipulations that do not adhere to the standards outlined in the directives. grasping at straws. I find the responses most helpful since it will demonstrate to USA, on their read of a provided link to this post, the need to further define this to ALL officials. If there isn't consistency in these calls then the initiative USA has implemented is doomed to fail.
Do you want a bat to finish beating that horse? You can come up with almost any situation where you can present a biased viewpoint. Bottom line, there will always be calls that are questionable, all refs human and every one of them brings to the game a certain bias. If you are truly that concerned with the way the calls are made, go get your certification and see just how easy it is to never fail. You seem to have an uncanny grasp of that is right, it should not present any issues for you.

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