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05-09-2013, 08:51 PM
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Originally Posted by JoemAvs View Post
I disagree. Anderson is so much better than Elliott it is not even funny. Sherm did screw it up with Anderson. I am happy with Varly but lets not pretend that Anderson would not have been a great goalie for years to come if we would not have botched the negotiations.

I know that he was asking for too much. But why on earth are the Avs the only team that I know that has a habit of letting those situations get way out of hand...

Well. Was not happy ( hated it) with the return then and I am not happy with the return now. But in a way we got Landeskog out of it (I wanted Larsson badly ) so meh. We got Varly and I am fine with it.

Dater is a moron for bringing him up again and again. Especially because he somehow hates Varly for being not Anderson.

Still not a good move by Sherm but he has done worse...
Again...I was responding to the fact that Dater is *****ing about a trade between two goalies that both played like complete **** for us that season. It wasn't a bad trade. Anderson is clearly a better goalie but wasn't clearly better enough that season to make it a stupid trade. If he, you or anyone else wants to ***** and complain about the negotiations (or lack thereof) on Andy's contract extension, I've got my pitchfork and torch ready. Dater never mentions the lack of negotiations, the take it or leave nature of the negotiations or the fact that Andy played like **** that season prior to being traded. The whole situation sucked but the trade itself was a wash.

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