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Originally Posted by Bank View Post
Putting Robin Hoods... sarcastic... tone a side there's some truth to the post.

Numbers can be used to very little(Not the same as nothing) and is often used wrong.

Look at Frans Nielsens numbers this year.

The numbers of shots for created while he's on ice is down, while his point per game is up. How to explain that? Deliberate seeking better chances? Something to do with luck? Different way of constructing the line he's on? All three properly factors in IMO.

I'm a sinner my self no doubt, but I try not to use number correctly and to a minimum

A number I do find useful is points. Again used right(Don't compare Mikkel Boedkers numbers to Lars Ellers. Their systems aren't alike) I think you can get something from it.

And overlooking Peter Regin(For health reasons) and Philip Larsen(Part because he's a D-man, part because he's sucked) there's been nothing but a rise i point-per-game for the Danes all around

So I'm glad to see more posters agreeing that this year has not been a step back for Danish hockey. Even though I still find it puzzling there's so much reservation for Boedker Just goes to show that "good hockey" is subjective and the reasoning behind is just so.

EDIT: Oh as a little conversation starter I'll put some (useless) numbers to the Islanders chances of beating Penguins in their best-of-three series ahead. I'll give the Islanders a 40 % chance of advance.
Nah, after watching two periods of game 5, I wouldnt give Islanders 40 % chance. More like 10 %. They will not advance as long as Nabokov is in the goal.

I didnt say Bødker should return home to Europe. I said that I think his tecnical level would fit better in KHL and on larger ice. I am well aware that he have had a minor breakout year even though he have had a hard time in the last half of the short season with all the injuries and trades in Coyotes. I am still puzzled that they traded three key players away when they still had a pretty good chance at making the playoffs.

I agree on Jannik Hansen. He have actually played better this year, and his line with Raymond and Higgins where actually quite good. Dont really know why Alan Vignault wanted to break that up. Was either one of them traded? Anyway it seems that the Nucks era is gone for now.

I dont fully agree on Larsen. Yes he have flunked somewhat, but it hasnt been easy with all the injuries and trades that Dallas made. Shifting defensive pairs all the time isnt really going to make it more stabile.

Generally I dont really care about numbers. They are in the end just numbers. When Eller played 5 games in a row without a point some wanted to say that he was in a crysis, but if you had watched the games this season, you would know that the truth was very far from it. Together with Subban, Eller and his line with Galchenyuk and Gallagher have been the best in Habs by a milestone. And having a third line putting up what equals 50-55 points for a full season is really really good. Not many teams have that.

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