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Originally Posted by molsonmuscle360 View Post
A lot of what I was trying to point out was he was saying NHL players from all cities take their money "home" in the off-season. Well, many NHL players call Alberta home, so therefore that theory of his that all the hockey money goes off somewhere else is wrong.
I Don't buy that there are a lot of NHL players that call Edmonton home. I'm not sure how it benefits Edmonton if they call Alberta home.

Something else as well is that when a player lives in many cities the amount they have to pay for living expenses lodgings is extreme. Cost of living here is cheap.

So in NY a player pays a minimum of a couple Million for sufficient lodging in Manhattan. Luongo famously paid 4.5M for his crib in Vancouver.

A player would have to be buying Katz Wayne Manor to drop that kind of coin in this market. Thus making the trickle down here even more negligible. It simply isn't expensive in any way for a player to live here. Thus they spend significantly less in this market than most any other market.

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