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05-09-2013, 10:27 PM
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It seems like most people on these boards and the Into The Boards forums have got the impression that the ECHL wouldn't touch CHL markets like Arizona, Ft. Worth, and Bloomington based on attendance alone. While the obvious options like Allen, Rapid City, and Missouri are up for grabs, it's not as if the ECHL haven't propped up their own failed markets for years at a time as well. The mere fact that Wheeling and Elmira are back this season suggests to me that it isn't that unthinkable that the ECHL might at least consider these CHL markets in a new league with better rivalries. The bigger issue for Bloomington is ownership as opposed to attendance and for Ft. Worth a building to play in.

All one has to do is check out ECHL attendance numbers on a weeknight to realize that 40-50% of the ECHL's markets attendance are pretty close to most of the CHL markets. Charleston and Cincinatti (who are considered to be pretty stable) seemed to to be barely above 3,000 most times I looked and some times under 2,000. To think that a few of the CHL markets couldn't make the jump to the ECHL based on attendance alone belies the fact that the ECHL has markets that have had horrendous attendance for years with a few owners that are prepared to eat the costs. If Trenton's owners were prepared to give it another go this year, the ECHL would have welcomed them back with open arms for another money losing season.

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