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Originally Posted by Replacement View Post
I Don't buy that there are a lot of NHL players that call Edmonton home. I'm not sure how it benefits Edmonton if they call Alberta home.

Something else as well is that when a player lives in many cities the amount they have to pay for living expenses lodgings is extreme. Cost of living here is cheap.

So in NY a player pays a minimum of a couple Million for sufficient lodging in Manhattan. Luongo famously paid 4.5M for his crib in Vancouver.

A player would have to be buying Katz Wayne Manor to drop that kind of coin in this market. Thus making the trickle down here even more negligible. It simply isn't expensive in any way for a player to live here. Thus they spend significantly less in this market than most any other market.
What about the out of town fans, is our contribution negligible too? I find it pretty funny that people actually have brought this up as a subject here to begin with. You wanna talk about taxes leaving our province every single day? Look to Fort Mac. Tons of people live in camp, and as soon as their last shift is done, they are on a company paid plane, headed to Newfoundland, or Ontario, or Saskatchewan and various other places. Not to mention the property taxes Fort Mac loses to Edmonton and Calgary residents as well who do the same thing.

Hell, a friend of mine from high school (who I'm pretty sure posts here, we just have never talked about it) lived here in Fort Mac for 5 years, but realized he could make a lot more money and enjoy himself more by commuting to and from Edmonton, and with his extra money, he got himself season tickets to the Oilers.

You can pass off various people's accounts on how the Oilers help the city in various ways, but I think the main thing that they bring to the city is a sense of pride. 2006 is the best example of why we should have a new arena. When this team actually becomes what we have expected from them, I'd much rather they be playing here than in Seattle or Quebec or wherever.

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