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Originally Posted by phileeeeeeep View Post
I just picked these up. Didn't want to spend that much but got a deal I couldn't refuse haha. I've skated on them twice and they are everything they are advertised to be. Like Rabid Ranger said, there has been a little learning curve on them though. First time on the ice wasn't pretty but the second time I went out I definitely noticed increases in my stride, speed and turning. My last skates were an old pair of Bauer Vapors and the Mako feels like feathers compared to them. I definitely would recommend these skates!
They actually are not the lightest on the market. However, I find some of what Easton did pretty inventive. It's a one piece bootform, and does not have a separate composite outsole, as virtually all other skates do. What I most want to hear is an unbiased review from someone who has used either the APX2 or NXG for an extended period of time and then switched to the Mako as a comparator. My hunch is the traditional skates would win but the real answer is probably the ideal fitting skate will produce the best result.

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