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People say Noble-Nighbor-Smith is lacking offensively. The thing to remember is that none of these players are cases like Scott Stevens or Steve Yzerman. They spent their entire careers playing tough defensive hockey. (Smith is the exception, but being an offense only guy didn't improve his offense over being a two-way threat.) So the highs that they reached were highs they reached staring down Howie Morenz, Newsy Lalonde, Bill Cook and Charlie Conacher on a nightly basis. So unlike a lot of other players, there should be little to no depreciation in offensive value because they are in a defensive role.

Originally Posted by TheDevilMadeMe View Post
Starshinov is one of those few players who I actually lost some amount of esteem for after drafting him a few drafts ago; specifically after taking a look at just how weak his playmaking was in international competition, where they actually kept track of assists; or more specifically, after EB beat me over the head with it after I said something like Starshinov wasn't that far behind Firsov, which is what the goal scoring stats would have you believe.

That said, his All-Star record in the domestic league is quite strong, and you'd think that would take into account his overall game.
Which is why I would only pair him with an elite playmaker. Which I have. He's a specialist for sure, in the mold of Esposito or Nels Stewart (Although the best defensively of the three.) and it takes the right linemates to make them work. And I have 100% faith in Martin St. Louis.

Originally Posted by Hawkey Town 18 View Post
With Montreal's strategy of rolling lines, I would like to see multiple line comparisons, particularly to Minnesota's 2nd and 3rd lines. It seems pretty obvious that Minnesota will be at a clear advantage when their 1st line is on the ice and a clear disadvantage when their 4th line is out, so how Montreal's 4 lines match up with Minnesota's 2nd and 3rd lines is a key factor.
After careful deliberation, Minnesota will be making a major tweek to counter Montreal's line rolling. We are removing the first line from special teams, and not having them match-up directly against any unit, instead having them on the ice for over 40% of all even strength ice time. That number may go up in the closing minutes of a tight game, and if there is a late PK, Nighbor and Smith may kill it.

PP1: Holik-Starshinov-St. Louis-Harvey-Ruotsalainen
PP2: Linseman-Mahovlich-Parise-Northcott-Green

PK1: Mahovlich-St Louis-Harvey-Flaman
PK2: Linseman-Mackenzie-Burrows-Magnuson

Offense Minutes
PlayerES PP PK Total
Noble 20 0 0 20
Nighbor 20 0 0 20
Smith 20 0 0 20
Northcott 10 2.5 0 12.5
Starshinov 10 4.5 0 14.5
St. Louis 10 4.5 4.5 19
Holik 8.5 4.5 0 13
Mahovlich 8.5 2.5 4.5 17.5
McKenzie 8.5 0 2.5 11
Parise 7.5 2.5 0 10
Linseman 7.5 2.5 2.5 12.5
Foligno 7.5 0 0 7.5
TOTAL 138 23.5 15 176.5

Defense Minutes
PlayerES PP PK Total
Harvey 17 4.5 4.5 26
Flaman 16 0 4.5 20.5
Green 16 2.5 0 18.5
Burrows 16 0 2.5 18.5
Ruotsalainen 13 4.5 0 17
Magnuson 14 0 2.5 17
TOTAL 92 11.5 14 117.5

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