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05-10-2013, 12:28 AM
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Originally Posted by PanthersRule96 View Post
Having a pool of prospects is all well-and-good until it's time for them to start producing at the NHL level. How many times have we seen guys come up and do absolutely nothing? So many people were high on guys like Garrett Wilson, not to mention the countless others. Their defense is as bad as ours, but I have more confidence in Hedman becoming a legit #1 than Gudbranson or Kulikov ever becoming that. They'll be able to move guys like Purcell for defensemen if needed, just as they moved Conacher for Bishop. There's plenty of strength in their offensive pool, with guys like Killorn, Palat, Panik, Johnson, Connolly, etc. that made Conacher expendable in the first place.

You don't need to be afraid of them, but I can tell you with certainty that it's easier to pick up depth type of guys than it is to gather elite talent. Having St. Louis, Stamkos, Vinny, and Hedman, not to mention several of the young guys and Drouin coming in puts them in a decent spot. Vinny and Marty may not be around much longer, but they're still going strong. Until we have a Stamkos-type of guy on offense, I envy any team with a talent like that. Huberdeau is the one piece on offense that I'd say is more likely than not to become a star in the league. Bjugstad....perhaps, who knows. Howden? If he becomes more than a 2nd/3rd line guy aka the next Nieds or Dvorak, I'll be suprised and happy. MacKinnon, indeed, gives us a 2nd future-1st line forward, but it's going to be a bit of time before either of those guys are mature enough to go out and win divisions and playoff series for us.

If I had to bet right now on which team is more likely to make the playoffs, between us and Tampa next year, I'd have to say Tampa right now. Anyone here could argue against that, but I'm saying that based on the premise that good offense is more important in this league, and defense is easier to shore up than a lack of scoring. One of their goalies is bound to work out (Bishop, Lindback, Vasilevski, etc.), whereas we're riding all-in on Marky (he's a superior prospect, granted). They already have 3 legit first line forwards, depth to boot on offense, and decent enough dmen in Carle, Hedman, and Aulie. Salo and Brewer are good as 5s or 6s at this point, nothing more. Picking up 2 solid dmen would be a big plus for them. Even a guy like Wade Redden would help in that situation, and he'd come cheap as any.

Not arguing who has the brighter future, because our prospects are better than theirs, but all this writing off Tampa is foolish. A rebuild can happen over the course of 1-2 seasons (as opposed to 5-15 lol) when a player like Stamkos is at the center of it.
sorry i respectfully 100% disagree.. they have had defensive probelms for a while its been no secret... if it is so much easier to fix it why havent they? they have tried with minor mpves and drafted hedman and still nthing... countless goalies have come in and nothing... u r severely underestimating the fact that having good 2 way forwards is just as important in defensive play as having good d men... and the lightnings forwards r not, for the most part, good defensively,... at least not the top 6 that play most of their minutes...stamkos is a great scorer but i dont think players like him win anymore in todays nhl... look at the cup contenders top 6 forwards.., sedins outm all oilers talent out tampa out, while teams like chicago st louis boston always win... cause there top 6 have great two way forwards... but i am drunk right now and could be wrong maybe im just picking teams to help my argument lol im sure there are things u could throw at me to argue my points

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