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Claude Giroux: B: G played well and even while we have complaints about his performance, he still played at a PPG pace. However, we expect more of a game changing presence than we saw.

Jakub Voracek: A+: Jake really stepped it up this season. He's becoming the player everyone saw in him when he was drafted. He's working on his flaws and he really is a tremendously complete player.

Wayne Simmonds: B: Status quo for Simmonds. He showed flashes of improvement upon last year and he played well, but disappeared for stretches and sometimes tries to be a skill machine when he's not. His defense also improved, albiet slightly.

Brayden Schenn: B-: only because he started off so well. He's still effective given his energy when not scoring, but he needs to start putting it together. What scares me is that, more often than not, when you get to the point in even young players careers when you're saying "____ needs to start putting it together".... You get the point

Sean Couturier: C+: his defense is tremendous, althought I saw some chinks in that armor this season as well. He didnt seem to be as tenacious or anticipatory as last season and his offense experienced virtually no progress. I was expecting more from Couturier this season, especially after his playoff performance last year.

Matt Read: B: Status quo for Read as well. He wasn't as explosive as he was last year, and that could have been due to injury. His defense probably regressed a tad, but the entire teams defense was awful as well so it might be abstracted by that fact. He started off really well though as well.

Simon Gagne: B-: Responsible play, veteran presence. Offense could potentially still return. Tools are all still there. Hope he's resigned as he makes an ideal 3rd line winger for us who can move up and down the lineup.

Scott Hartnell: C-: would be lower, but I think hartnells injury threw him out of whack for the season. He seemed frustrated and regressed to old, bad habits. He needs to be a leader on this team and he needs to produce. He didnt do that this year, but I have hope that hell turn it around.

Daniel Briere: D-: Danny is a good guy. He's a good leader, but unfortunately I just don't think he has it anymore. Will likely be gone.

Max Talbot: C-: max had a disappointing year, not just offensively but only really played solid defense sporadically before being injured. He needs to be the heart and soul guy in the mold of the man he was brought in to replace... I expected more from max.

Zac Rinaldo: A-: really took strides this year in becoming a valuable energy player. He hits like a train and even made progress in his relationship with the officials. He's a hard worker and really seems to want to be useful at the nhl level in whatever role necessary. Should have cemented himself on the 4th line for years to come.

Ty McGinn: B-: surprised me. Works hard and can chip in offensively here and there. Can hit and fight as well. His defensive game needs some work if he hopes to maintain an nhl job.

Mike Knuble: C+: what I expected essentially. His career is likely over and was really only a warm body anyway. Good guy though.

Adam Hall: C: great in the circle. Not very noticeable in any other facet... Which could be a good thing I guess.

Jay Rosehill: C: good fighter. Can hit hard too. Doesn't bring much else, but not much else is really expected.

Ruslan Fedotenko: C: just average. Mediocre if you will. Decently responsible, but not excelling. Scarce offensive contribution anymore.

Kimmo Timonen: A: responsible in all areas of the game. His age really started to show this season though. His reaction time is slowing down, along with his legs. Offensive production is still decent, though not as potent as it was.

Luke Schenn: A-: I graded him so high because I feel like he really made strides In his development in comparison with his last few seasons in Toronto. His speed was better than advertised as was his first pass. He's very consistent and is quite obviously improving. He's prone to taking himself out of position, though less so than I saw I Toronto, and sometimes he gets turned around easily, though his efforts getting back into position are usually admirable. I hope he continues to improve.

Braydon Coburn: C-: probably the biggest disappointment for me this year. I really thought he would step it up and he didnt. At all. In fact he regressed significantly. His offense has essential disappeared and his psyicality was even less prominent than its usual sporadic nature.

Nicklas Grossmann: B+: very solid, physical when need be and positionally sound. An ideal 3rd pairing, shutdown guy.

Andrej Meszaros: D: hard for me to give him and F. He's glass nowadays, but I kind of feel bad for him. He just can't stay healthy and you know it's probably frustrating for him. Any discrepancies in his game in the little time he HAS played can be directly attributed to his injuries.

Erik Gustafsson: B: mainly because he exceeded my expectations late in the season. I have never been a big supporter and never saw what so many saw in him. His positioning has improved as well as his offensive confidence. He really could stand to add some muscle and needs to be stronger on the boards though. The improvement is nice to see though. Could become a decent 3rd pairing puck mover with 2nd PP unit capabilities.

Bruno Gervais: C-: borderline 6th defenseman. Is pretty unreliable under any sort of pressure. Turns the puck over a lot. Is pretty much a warm body.

Kurtis Foster: F: bad.

Kent Huskins: C+: was actually pretty content with him in his short time here. Was solid, reliable and did was he was supposed to do. Hard worker too.

Oliver Lauridsen: B-: the Great Dane sure put in one hell of an effort towards the end of the season. Throwing himself in front of shots and being physical. He exceeded almost everyone's expectations in his showings due to injuries. Not sure if there's any tangible nhl upside there. Could probably be a deceny bottom pairing stay at home dman at best and a career callup at worst.

Ilya Bryzgalov: C+: he was average. Started off the season great and then reverted to his usual old self after over usage and little team defense. The teams struggles were not because of Bryz, but there was also no solution in his play either. He stole a few games early and then every now and then after... Pretty average. And for a goaltender with his contract, that's not OK.

Steve Mason: A: limited showings, but he really played great in those. Is the sole reason that were picking 11th and not 5th-8th probably. Really showed why he was the Calder winner in his rookie season and proved that the talent and athleticism is still there. I believe he has all the ability to put it back together, and I hope he does.

Brian Boucher : F: bad.

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